Schools and Teaching Staff

The Schools and Teaching Staff unit of the Office of the Vice President Education and Student Affairs is at the level of the Executive Board of the University responsible for the following:

  • concerns of teacher training for upper secondary schools
  • management of the Advisory Body LLBM and of the Advisory Council LLBM (Teacher Training for Upper Secondary Schools)
  • concerns of the teacher training for lower secondary schools (in cooperation with the Zurich University of Teacher Education)
  • the project "Schools@Irchel" for the interim use of the vacated chemistry buildings on the Irchel campus by three Zurich upper secondary schools
  • university program for school students
  • Fish 'n' Grips, the overview of all UZH offers for schools, teachers and school students
  • representation of UZH in the management of HSGYM
  • issues concerning schools, teachers and school students