Commission for Education and Student Affairs

Purpose and Tasks

The Commission for Education and Student Affairs was created on August 1, 2021 by merging the Teaching and Admissions Commissions. It is presided by the Vice President Education and Student Affairs and usually meets four times a semester. The commission supports the Extended Executive Board and the Executive Board of the University, respectively, proposes measures to them and advises them in connection with cross-faculty and strategic questions of projects concerning teaching and studies, admission to studies, quality assurance and promotion of innovation in the area of teaching and studies, as well as in connection with the corresponding allocation of funds.


Prof. Dr. Gabriele Siegert, Vice President Education and Student Affairs

Vice Deans of Studies

Prof. Dr. Rafael Walthert, Faculty of Theology
Prof. Dr. Felix Bommer, Faculty of Law
Prof. Dr. Nick Netzer, Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics
Prof. Dr.  Johannes Loffing, Faculty of Medicine
Prof. Dr. Thomas Lutz, Vetsuisse Faculty
Prof. Dr. Peter Finke, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Prof. Dr. Thierry Hennet, Faculty of Science

Representative of advanced researcher and teachers (PD Association)

PD Dr. Karin Isler

Representative of junior researchers (WNW)

Sarah Marschlich

Student Representative (S)

Anna Luna Frauchiger
Moritz Bögli

Representative of the administrative and technical staff (ATP)

Daniela Bollinger (deputy Marian Bohl)


Actuary: Astrid Fritschi
Deputy actuary: Allegra Schiesser